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"The Bell Ringer" - Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Live at the Shot-Out Eye
Promotional video slideshow of a new live CD "The Bell Ringer" - recorded 5th August 2014 at the Shot-Out Eye Pub (Hospoda U vystrelenyho oka) - open air - in Prague (Czech Republic).
Photos by: Eliska Richterova, Alena Hrbkova, Zuzana Oplatkova, Jiri Schmachtel, Marketa Butalova and Miroslav Barta. Thanks a lot!

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LATEST NEWS!!! The song "Stupid Rock Star" by Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross has been included on the new sampler CD from Easy Action (UK) called "Shark Infested Waters". Also included on the CD are tracks by Iggy & The Stooges, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, Primal Scream, Johnny Thunders, The Fall and many more. Available from: www.easyaction.co.uk.

NOVINKY!!! Píseň "Stupid Rock Star" od Phila Shoenfelta & Southern Cross byla zařazena na nový CD sampler vydavatelství Easy Action (UK) nazvaný "Shark Infested Waters" (Žraloky zamořené vody). Na CD jsou také skladby od Iggyho & The Stooges, Boba Dylana, Alice Coopera, Patti Smith, Primal Scream, Johnnyho Thunderse, The Fall a mnoha dalších. K dispozici na: www.easyaction.co.uk.

Shark Infested Waters




Bucketfull of Brains (UK)




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2nd of November, 2010



2. listopadu 2010



"Paranoia.com" is much more in a hard rock direction than anything we've done previously. I'd say that bands like The Stooges, Joy Division and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were an influence, as well as my old NYC band Khmer Rouge. But I also think that the manic anger and paranoic energy I felt while undergoing the Interferon treatment for Hepatitis C last year had a big effect too. Especially on tracks like "Stupid Rock Star" (obviously about Bono and Geldof etc), and "Tired Of Loving You". "Forgiven" is about Bruno Adams, and "Shrine" is for us all. "Paranoia.com" (the song) is written through the eyes of a Timothy McVeigh type of character, a potential terrorist or serial killer living on the fringes of society. Someone who feels compelled "to do something about the situation", to take on the corruption and lies he hears in the media and from politicians' mouths. The album starts off fiery and angry and ends on a more melancholic note with "Shrine", which is a kind of epitaph for this slow apocalypse the world seems to be going through. In some ways I've taken up the lyrical themes I explored with Khmer Rouge back in the 80s, themes I'd describe as "psycho-political". We're really happy with the overall sound of the CD, it's very layered and textured, with multiple guitar tracks and half submerged melodies. I think it's a very spacey sound, kind of trippy at the same time as it's grungy and metallic.

Ze všeho co jsme dosud udělali je „Paranoia.com“ nejvíce hardrockově nasměrovaná. Řekl bych, že nás hodně ovlivnily kapely jako The Stooges, Joy Division a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a také má dávná newyorská kapela Khmer Rouge. Ale myslím také, že velký vliv měla i manická zuřivost a paranoická energie, způsobená mou loňskou léčbou hepatitidy C. Hlavně ve skladbě „Stupid Rock Star“ (která je zjevně o Bonovi, Geldofovi a dalších) a „Tired Of Loving You“. „Forgiven“ je o Brunovi Adamsovi a „Shrine“ je pro nás pro všechny. Píseň „Paranoia.com“ je psána z pohledu člověka typu Timothyho McVeigha, potenciálního teroristy nebo sériového vraha, který se pohybuje na hraně společnosti. Někoho, kdo se cítí být donucen „něco udělat“ s korupcí a lží, kterou slyší z médií a z úst politiků. Album začíná prudce a zlostně, končí spíše melancholicky skladbou Shrine, která je epitafem téhle smutné apokalypsy, ve které, jak se zdá, se svět právě nachází. V určitém směru jsem navázal na lyrická témata z dob Khmer Rouge 80. let, témata, která bych popsal jako „psycho-politická“. Jsme opravdu spokojeni s celkovým zvukem CD. Je hodně vrstevnaté a strukturované s mnoha kytarovými stopami a z části zanořenými melodiemi. Myslím, že zvuk je současně hodně prostorový jistým způsobem psychedelický a zároveň "škaredý" a metalický.

Phil Shoenfelt (Prague, September, 2010)   Phil Shoenfelt (Praha, září 2010)


I took a drive by the side of the ocean
I took a ride to the end of the line
I was looking for the celebration
I left the streets and the city behind
I climbed to the top of the mountain
I crawled through the Valley Of Death
Looking for the keys to the Promised Land
I haven’t found them yet
No, I haven’t found them yet

Propaganda, lies and corruption
The world is spinning out of control
All the people gonna need protection
When the walls of the citadel fall
Idiots and criminals rule my life
I see them on the TV
Selling that snake oil, they don’t give a damn
I’ve been sold down the river to the sea
I’ve been sold down the river to the sea

Is it false or is it true
No one here knows what to do
It’s just a dirty compromise
I can’t escape this web of lies
TV images, cheap sensation
It’s just emotional masturbation
The world is slipping sideways
And I’ve got this sinking feeling in my heart

Now I’m standing at the edge of the future
Where the present and the past collide
The train is rolling out of the station
I’d better get aboard while I can ride
Paranoia dot com feeds my fear
With visions of mayhem and death
Agents of happiness feed my need
Everything’s cool, I guess
And I feel like I’ve been blessed



A child goes down to the ocean
Throws his arms around the sky
He sees how the stars are turning
He laughs then begins to cry
And the moon is blessed
She rises in the west
In his heart he feels uncertain
His dreams are pinned like the wings of a butterfly
And he hides behind the curtain

And the sins and the lies of the fathers
Shall rain down on the heads of their sons
And the dreams of the daughters and the mothers
Shall turn to dust in their hands
And all of this will surely come to pass
And nothing in this world will stay the same
Just the wind and the dust and the ashes of a dream
No winner at the end of the game

And the child screams, “I see nothing
There’s darkness at the heart of the sun”
And he calls to the souls of the children
Who lived and died by the gun
“Graves and lies and crooked alibis
Pay heed to the words that were spoken
Cast out your hate, touch me with your love
Don’t let yourselves be broken”

And I see your face in my dreams sometimes
Like a vision I had so long ago
In the chamber where the books and the keys were laid
Buried so far below
And all of this will surely come to pass
And nothing in this world will stay the same
Just the wind and the dust and the ashes of a dream
No winner at the end of the game


© Phil Shoenfelt   © Phil Shoenfelt